Saturday, September 1, 2012

Daily Happenings: 8/31/12

Isn't nature beautiful?
Yesterday was a lovely day! After Everett woke up, he, my mom, and I ran to Target so I could pick up The Lorax movie (we are big Dr. Seuss fans in this house!)  When we got back we were so excited because baby Brenden and his mom Daphne were coming over to "play!"  This was the first time we got to meet him and we were so excited!
Gran and baby Brenden
Everett got to hold baby Brenden!
After Everett took his nap I decided to take him to the Wacky Bear Factory here in town so that he could make a new stuffed animal friend!  Wacky Bear Factory runs an 'Internship Camp" for kids ages 7- 12.  They get to come to the shop every day for camp and learn all about the store, how to work the stuffing machine, the register, etc.  Baby Brenden's brother, Aiden was at the camp this week and was able to help us with our new friend! Everett decided to make a new bull dog stuffed animal, we named him Dozer! 

We watched The Lorax when Tyler got home and then had burgers on the grill for dinner! Once E was asleep my parents, sister and her boyfriend, Tyler, and I all played Train! Overall it was a great day! 

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