Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Fun for Everyone

Our fall festivities kicked off a few weeks ago when Tyler, Everett, and I went with Aaron, Krystal, and Colt took our annual trip to the Graves Mountain Apple Harvest Festival. This was our second year going and we always have fun.  They have all types of vendors there (crafts, candles, clothing, etc.) and it is fun to walk through and see all of the neat items that are being sold. One of my favorite vendors, Bolen Mountain Creations sells wonderful smelling candles- check her out on facebook! I love her honeysuckle and daffodil scents! 
Uncle Aaron pulled the boys around in Colt's souped up wagon, it's got big tires and a sweet paint job! The boys loved that- and all the attention that they were getting from all the older ladies and grandmas at the festival! 
The little boys and the big boys!
Momma's and the babies!

Of course we had to buy some apples! We made out with a huge bag of pink lady apples! They are SOOOO good! 
Everett wasn't really excited about having his picture taken with his initial! 
He was excited about taking a picture with the Hay Bear!
I found this on my camera roll... yes folks that is how they act in real life.
I rest my case.
All in all it was a fun time! It wasn't too cold and the boys had fun running around and petting all the dogs that were there.  Stay tuned for a full report on our Halloween activities! :) 

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