Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let's talk about sex baby.... err the sex of the baby!

Yes! It is that time y'all! We know what the sex of Baby Flubber is, but before the big announcement... I wanted to use my "platform" to go over something... 

A lot of people (both with Everett and with Flubber) have asked me what the gender of the baby is and I usually respond with something along the lines of "the SEX of the baby is..."  and it has occurred to me that most people don't know that there is a difference between gender and sex.  

Gender:  noun
  • the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex
Sex:  noun
  • either of the two major forms of individuals that occur in many species and that are distinguished respectively as male or female
Here's a little further explanation from Medical News Today

"The words sex and gender are commonly used interchangeably, but many linguists would argue that their usage is quite distinct. Sex refers to the biological and physiological characteristics, while gender refers to behaviors, roles, expectations, and activities in society. Sex refers to male or female, while gender refers to masculine or feminine.  Another way of putting it is: Sex refers to a natural or biological feature. 
Gender refers to cultural or learned significance of sex."

Okay now moving on from the educational lesson to what we you have all been waiting on... the big announcement!  Tyler and I found out the sex of the baby last Wednesday, but we wanted to tell our family in a special and fun way so we waited until we saw everyone for Christmas.  I wrapped up a box, put a few balloons in the box along with an ultrasound picture of Baby Flubber's parts (if you know what I mean) in it and had everyone open it.  Oh yeah, and I caught it all on video!

Check out the videos of the reveal! 

So, Baby Flubber is a BOY! Can you believe it? We will have two boys both born in the month of May! Tyler and I are very excited for Everett to be a big brother and have a little brother and hope that they are going to be the best of friends! 

Has anyone else surprised their family or friends with the sex of their baby?  It was fun for Tyler and I to have a secret to share but I am glad that "the cat is out of the bag" now because it is so hard to not slip up and say "he!"  


  1. As you know we are also keeping it a secret for a bit. We will be presenting everyone with a plain cupcake and the filling inside will reveal the sex. Either pink or blue.... Any guesses? Reveal day is Jan 14th :-)

    1. Yay! I can't wait to find out! :) Personally, I think it's another girl for you Laurie!

  2. check this good!