Monday, December 24, 2012

Thompson Number Two: Week 19

Weight gained to date: 1 lb 

Estimated size of baby:  Mango (6 inches long, .5 lbs)
Foods I am craving: I am eating EVERYTHING! 
How I am feeling: Feeling good this week! Still battling my headaches most days but Everett knows how to keep me smiling! 
Notes: Baby Thompson is still kicking away in there! I had a regular check up this past week and his/her heart beat is still strong a steady! Any guesses on the sex of the baby?  Here is how I stack up against a few "wives tales"...
Carrying High: Girl
Heartbeat: Girl
Craving Salty/Sour: Boy
Chinese Calendar: Boy 
Mayan Legend: Boy  
(Note: We know how good they are at predicting things... haha
Key Test: Girl
Complexion: Girl
Morning Sickness: Girl

For now, it looks like I am pregnant with a little girl! But we all know how accurate those old wives tales are! We will find out soon as we have an ultrasound scheduled to find out the sex (and make sure everything else is good with the baby!) 

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