Saturday, December 22, 2012

Letters to Everett: 12/22/12

LOVE that hair!
Sweet boy,

Today you are 19 months old! You are really talking up a storm now that we are restricting the time that you can have your paci to only when you are sleeping/in bed and when you are in the car. You are starting to learn new words almost daily and it is almost getting too hard to keep track of them all!

You are loving having playtime three days a week with your friends that come over for daycare.  I love being able to stay home with you and being able to spend every second I can with you.  You are getting more and more independent and can do so many things with out help from me or daddy. 

You really love bath time and especially being able to splash around.  I think that you ask to take a bath almost every time we walk past the bathtub! :)  You also love to eat anything sweet, you really love to ask for cookies! Almost anytime we put you in the highchair you ask for a cookie- we blame this on Pig Paw.  This past month you have started to become more picky which frustrates me a little because I never know what to feed you!  We will get through it though! 

We are still nursing but only a few times a day now; usually when you wake up in the morning, before nap time, and before bed time.  You don't seem ready to stop yet and that is fine with me! I think that we will probably still be nursing when your little brother or sister comes but that is okay too. :)  

Here's what you've been up to this month: 
12/02/12: Said "ok-ey" for hockey, said goal
12/10/12: Said bye bye
12/16/12: Said "ki-ki" for kitty
12/18/12: Said "tar" for guitar
12/20/12: Pointed to Elmo and said "Elmo"

Words you Say
Daa-da (Daddy), Dog, Mommmma, Kaa (Becca), Tyler, Rara (Laura), Hi, This, Yay, Go, Mine, No, Pa pa (Pig Paw and Paw Paw), Dumb, Got it, Did it, Mowg (Mowgli), Uh oh!, Eat, Wa-wa (Water), Bat (Bath), Pass-ey (Paci), Poop, Woo-woo, Ok-ey (hockey), Goal, Bye bye, Ki-ki (Kitty), Tar (Guitar), Elmo, Ceek-key (Cookie) 

Signs you Sign
All done, Arms up, Dog, Fan, More, Please, Thank you, Nurse, Eat, Hi/Bye

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 

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