Monday, December 10, 2012

Thompson Number Two: Week 17

Weight gained to date: 1 lb.  My doctor said that I could gain 1lb per week from here out! I am hoping that I don't gain that much, but we will see! 

Estimated size of baby: Turnip (5 inches long, 5 ounces)
Foods I am craving: I keep going back and forth from craving sweets to craving salty food! I am pretty much open to everything, well except for the things that I don't like! :) 
Foods I am staying away from:  Still able to eat everything!  
How I am feeling: Sheesh! Well I apparently caught the "zombie virus" from someone (I wish I knew who) and was up throwing up all Monday night and most of Tuesday! I made a visit to Patient First and got two bags of fluid as a precaution because I did not want to visit the land of dehydration again!  Luckily, it only lasted 24 hours.. unluckily I have passed it on to NINE different people!  I am happy to report that the Thompson's are all back to normal as well as are all the kiddos over here at Thompson's Tots



  1. is this week 16 or 17 (title says 17)? i can totally tell a different from week 15!!

    1. It's week 17! This pregnancy is flying by!