Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Photo Log of our Family Trip to Williamsburg, VA

Our family trip to Williamsburg... told through pictures! Enjoy! 

Friday, 03/29/2013
Agenda: Visit Yorktown, Virginia
Our first stop was the beach at Yorktown.
Not sure about the sand.
Eating lunch at the Yorktown Pub.
Our view at lunch!
Of course we had to stop at Ben and Jerry's for some ice cream! 
Tyler talking to George Washington and Francois de Grasse. 
Everett wasn't so sure about G-Dub...
... until Tyler showed him how to pick his nose.
We even got to see our Congressman's district office
-which was pretty cool because I used to be an intern  in his Capitol Hill office! 
Where is Everett? 
There he is! 
Daddy and Everett!
Passed out on the way back to the hotel!
Get in my belly! Dinner at Rocco's Smokehouse Grill
Everett agreed that it was delicious!

Of course we had to get a picture with the bear...
Saturday, 03/30/2013
Agenda: Busch Gardens Theme Park
The best way to start the day!
On the trolley from the parking lot to the main entrance! Everett LOVED this!
Our first stop was the Sesame Street Forest of Fun!

Everett and daddy in "Oscar's Yucky Forest"
Everett really wanted to ride the Whirly Worms ride, but HATED it once it started moving!
Mommy and Everett on "Bert and Earnies Loch Adventures"
Next, we headed over to the train station. Everett thought the train was ah-mazing!
Waiting for the train!
Our next stop was the Land of the Dragons.
Checking it out.

Way up high in the tree house!
Can you find them?
Everett was stoked about the "moo moos" (that's what he calls horses)
but he wasn't excited to be on the Lil' Clydes once it got going!
After we were done playing we rode the sky tram across the park.
Everett wasn't so sure about it. 
View from the tram.
The roller coasters we didn't ride! :) 
The Kinder Karussel was more Everett's style!
I guess E was bored in the line for funnel cakes!
We caught the "Sunny Days Celebration" show before we left the park. 
A rare family portrait! 
Ernie, Everett, and Daddy!
Daddy, Everett, and Big Bird! 
Everett was worn out on the way back to the car.
We didn't even make it out of the parking lot before he fell asleep!
After E's nap, we headed over to Second Street Restaurant for some dinner.
I highly recommend getting the Grilled Pork Ribeye
Cheesing for the camera!
Sunday, 03/30/2013
Agenda: Easter egg hunt in the hotel room, Colonial Williamsburg
Hidden Easter eggs!
Looks like the Easter bunny found us! 
Everett was quite interested in what was in the eggs!
Sorting his eggs.
Everett hunting his Easter eggs.

A collection of all our informational pamphlets!
Our next stop was supposed to be Colonial Williamsburg but it was pouring rain!
We did get a chance to check out the visitors center and play in the gift shop!
Everett and daddy with their guns!
Everett even got to "protect" a Colonial dressed woman! :) 
So that was our trip! We had a great time hanging out with Everett and spending some quality time together. I definitley think that we will be visiting Williamsburg again soon, especially to check out the Colonial part! :) Have any of you ever visited the Williamsburg area? How did you like it? 

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