Thursday, April 11, 2013

No More Paci's!

Our massive collection of paci's-
and I don't even know if this was all of them! 
I am over joyed to report that Everett has not had a paci since Thursday March 27th, 2013! I am so glad that I no longer have to remember the paci every time we walk out of the door!  I no longer have to fear the meltdown that would surely have followed if there were no paci presented when asked for one! 
Originally I had planned on breaking E's paci habit before we weaned but since he self-weaned I didn't get the chance.  The closer that we got to the baby being here the more anxious I got about Everett still being so dependent on the paci.  I was mostly worried that if Everett still had the paci when Flubber got here then it would be impossible to break the habit since E would see the baby with it all the time. 

When we started planning our trip to Williamsburg it got me thinking about using that time to break the paci habit.  There were several pros to doing it while we were out of town: 1.) we would be in a new environment, 2.) we would be busy all day day, 3.) we would hopefully wear Everett out enough so bedtime would be easier, 4.) we didn't have to go to bed/wake up by any certain time.  There were also a few cons: 1.) our "tia" (tv) for the car is broken so we wouldn't have any entertainment for him on the way there and back, 2.) we might have issues with him getting enough sleep/sleeping in while we were on vacation.  Ultimatley we decided to go ahead and see what happens.

Thursday night I went through the entire house and collected all of the pacifiers except for the three (yes three) that he used for sleeping, then when he woke up Friday I added those paci's to the collection.  When we loaded up into the car to go to Williamsburg Everett asked for his paci and we told him that "they don't allow paci's at Williamsburg."  (Yes we lied to our kid- let those without sin cast the first stone!)  The car ride there was rough to say the least.  We waited to leave until his naptime which ended up not working out the way we thought it would... he didn't want to nap until we were almost there.  Once we got there we were pretty good throughout the rest of the day, whenever he would ask we would just tell him that we didn't have any with us and tried to distract him with something else. 

We knew the nighttime was going to be rough and we planned for it to be a late night.   Everett brought a few toys with him to bed to play with and we did watch a little tv.  Once he really started to get really tired he was pretty upset about not having the paci but since we bed share we were able to provide love and comfort to Everett throughout this transition.  All in all it took about an hour of playing, tv watching, and some crying for him to fall asleep the first night.

The rest of the weekend went great! Distractions seemed to be the easiest way to keep his mind off wanting a paci during the day.  The second night went really easy which was very nice- he didn't fuss or cry at all.  The trip home was a bit rough but he was tired and I am sure he was pretty bored.  Once we got home he started asking about his paci's again and we told him they were all gone.  I wasn't sure how the first night back at home would go, but it went pretty well.  He wanted his paci's but didn't cry or fuss!

Overall taking away the paci went really really well.  This little boy continues to impress me with how well he does with change!  

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