Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daily Happenings: 04/02/13

Everett and I had a fun and busy day today! Lilly Bean met us a Target (you know I love that place) and we got a little shopping done before we went to work. I needed to get a birthday present for the Bean (she picked out a sweet pink cash register) and for Micah (his birthday party is this weekend)! I also scored a spring wreath from the Easter clearance section and couldn't wait to hang it up! 
Originally $20 but I got it for $10!
Photo found here
The kiddos played, goofed off, and watched Cars while I got some work done.  My dad boss will be hosting a FREE franchising seminar in Richmond, Virigina tomorrow- if you or someone you know are in the area you should definitely check it out! For more information and/or to register visit the Franchise Well website
Once we made it home the wee ones went down for naps while I unloaded the car and cleaned up the house. Lilly always takes a really good nap (like 2+ hours) but Everett is usually up in about an hour. I have started putting him down for naps in his room (aka the playroom). We took out the futon and put in a twin bed to better accommodate guests and to allow for him to take naps in there.  
He looks so tiny in the twin bed!
I am currently making dinner for Tyler, my dad, Everett, and I.  We are going to have stroganoff and quinoa mac-n-cheese! Yummy!  Hope y'all had a great day! 

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