Saturday, April 13, 2013

Instacram: March 2013

Lots of pictures this month! 
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Top Row: 1.) Everett looking so dapper on Easter,  2.) All our informational pamphlets from Williamsburg,  3.) Everett and Daddy posing with their guns in Williamsburg,  4.) A rare family picture,  5.) Everett just hanging out with daddy
Middle Row: 1.) My hydration,  2.) Yorktown Beach,  3.) Everett exploring the sand,  4.) Everett passed out on daddy,  5.) My big boy at Firehouse Subs
Bottom Row: 1.) Tonya's mac-n-cheese + bac-o's,  2.) Sick little boy,  3.) Hanging baskets and snow,  4.) Everett helping mommy blow out the candles,  5.) The garden prepped and ready for plants 
Top Row: 1.) Ty spreading out the soil,  2.) NRA FAM,  3.) Sleeping angel,  4-5.) Garden prep work
Middle Row: 1.) My big 22 month old,  2.) The awesome t-shirt quilt my grandmother made me for my birthday,  3.) My hubby knows me too well- a gift card to Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival and the perfect birthday card,  4.) What a ham,  5.) The flyer that was circulated when we were searching for Mowgli
Bottom Row: 1.) Watching church live on the laptop (click here to check it out!), 2.) Everett checking out the cool new "toy,"  3-5.) Everett and friends at the Caps game
Top Row: 1-2.) Everett and I on the way to the Caps game,  3.) Everett and his UT shirt and sweet hat,  4.) Hanging up posters for our garage sale,  5.) Someone sat in the dog's water bowl..
Middle Row: 1.) VIRGINIA HAS BLUEBELL NOW (this is really good news),  2.) Everett and daddy checking out the snow plow,  3.) Cuddles with mommy,  4.) Tyler's egg casserole for the next two weeks,  5.) A self portrait by Everett
Bottom Row: 1.) Good night Everett,  2.) Rocking the pony tail,  3.) Someone got a cookie,  4.) Goldfish grahams are delicious,  5.) Last picture from February
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Thanks to Jess for the original inspiration for this post! 

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