Monday, April 22, 2013

Thompson Number Two: Week 36

I am thinking that
horizontal stripes might
not have been the
best clothing choice! :) 
Weight gained to date: 21 lbs 

Estimated size of baby: Large cantaloupe (19 to 22 inches long, 6 lbs)

Foods I am craving: Nothing really :) 

How I am feeling: I have been having a really weird chest pain for the past few weeks and wasn't sure exactly what it was.  When I talked to the doctor about it last week she said that it was heartburn! I never had any heartburn with Everett and wives tales say that heartburn means your baby is likely to have lots of hair.  So maybe Flubber will come out with a head full of hair- who knows? 

Notes: The feelings of "hurry up and come out already" have started but I am trying really hard to relax and enjoy these last few weeks with just one kiddo.   Everett turned 23 months old today and I am realizing that these are my last few weeks with a 1 year old! (Look for my "Letter to Everett" on Wednesday!) 

Doctor's Notes: As of last week I am already dilated to 1 cm!  This is fantastic news for me because with Everett I never dilated to anything on my own!  1 cm isn't much (I have to get to 10 cm) but it's a start! 

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