Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Attached

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere you have probably seen the Time article that came out about a month ago featuring a mom on the cover nursing her three year old son.
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I am happy that Time decided to cover Attachment Parenting (AP) however, like most other people who practice AP will tell you, this cover does not portray the average AP lifestyle. I think that Time did a great job of catching readers attention and then quickly made mothers/fathers/guardians feel like they were not doing the best for their kids if they are not practicing AP.
A response to Time's question "Are you mom enough?"
Before Everett was born there were a few things that I knew I wanted to do, for example I knew I wanted to breastfeed him and I knew that I wanted to be with him as much as possible.  I didn't expect to really change a whole lot after Everett was born but as soon as that little boy was here I would never be the same.
NYC breast feeding advertisement 
"Milks favorite cookie."
Pretty clever
I definitely did not expect that I would breastfeed Everett past twelve months or co-sleep or wear him every where but there was something deep down inside of me that made all of those things feel so natural. 
Benefits of extended breast feeding
I love boobies!
I have never been one to "go by the book" and I usually have a pretty relaxed and laid back outlook on life and I think that this has also crossed into my parenting. I try not to get caught up on what percentile Everett is in or if he is keeping up or passing his peers. I just let Everett be Everett and the rest will fall into place.
I would love this bed!
I love baby snuggles.

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For more information about attachment parenting visit the Dr. Sears website, the Kelly Mom website, and the Attachment Parenting website

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