Sunday, June 10, 2012


The 7th was Tyler and I's fourth wedding anniversary but we weren't able to celebrate it because he was out of town so we made up for it this evening by going out on a "family date!"  We went to two of our favorite places; the first stop was Firebrids and the second was of course Carl's Ice Cream
He did surprise me the day of our anniversary and sent me flowers! Aren't they so beautiful?
Daddy and Everett
Everett in a random canoe we found by the restaurant
Everett just recently figured out how to use a straw!
Mmmm milkshake!
Cute boy playing with the leaves!
These past four years have flown by way too fast. I can not imagine a world without Tyler (and now without Everett.)  He and I were designed for each other and we are so lucky to have had the past four eight years together.  If I could have given my 18 year old self some advice I would tell myself to stop trying to change Tyler into who I think he needs to be, to let go and let God lead us (not just him) into being who He wants us to be. (More on this in a later post!)  But if I knew then what I know now who knows what would have happened! I thank God everyday for Tyler and Everett and am so excited to see what is still in our future! 

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