Friday, June 8, 2012


Gran, Everett, and Mrs. Sheila
This afternoon Everett and I found ourselves zooming around on a golf cart at Forest Greens Golf Course with Gran and Mrs. Sheila for the annual BTC Company Golf Tournament. My mom (Gran) works for BTC and I did as well before little mister Everett was born.  It was so nice to see all of my old co-workers and hang out with them while they played a round of golf. 
PigPaw was there!
Kim and Gregory
Hi Gran! 
Everett makes new friends everywhere he goes- even with the golf pros!
"Uncle" Sean is crazy!
I think E is pretending that he doesn't know them...
Mr. Anthony let E use his driver!
Ummm momma, this is kinda too big!

Mr. Anthony teeing off
"Uncle" Sean looks very focused!
Momma, did you know PigPaw was here!?
Everett and PigPaw
Mr. Joe and Everett (and Wayne)
Everett really liked driving Mr. Jim's golf cart
Hanging out while Mr. Sergio shows us his sunburn!
So thirsty!
Love those baby blues!
Overall it was a fun time and a great afternoon! :)


  1. Love these picture! I miss him so much! We can go golfing next time you come down! Love, Gaga

    1. Great pics Laura and a fun filled day!

      Mrs. Sheila