Thursday, June 14, 2012

Currently: 6/14/12

Looking Forward To: Family pictures! I am so excited, my friend Samantha Martin is going to be taking Everett, Tyler, and I's pictures at Aquia Landing. We are overdue for Everett's 12 month pictures so this will be a great opportunity to get those taken as well.  (Click here to see photos of E over the past year!)

Enjoying:  Watching Everett learn how to do all sorts of new things! He can climb the stairs, stand up by himself, blow kisses, drink out of a straw, there is something new every day!  When people say that the first year flies by they are not kidding!
PigPaw teaching E about the car
Thinking About: Regina (Mother) and the struggles she is up against.  She is one of the most tough women I know and I am so inspired by her courage.  Fred (her husband) has been and continues to be right next to her every step of the way.  Mother has a tough road ahead of her, please continue to keep her in your prayers.
Everett, Mother, and Lilly
Eating: Sweet potato fries! Mmmm they are so delicious! Here's a recipe! It seems like every restaurant I have been to lately are starting to offer these tasty fries and I am quite happy about that!
Photo found Here
Readjusting To: Everett's new schedule! He has recently decided that he wants to wake up between 6:30 and 7am rather than his usual 9am wake up time.  I am okay with him getting up earlier because I (usually) already awake but I was worried that he was going to continue his "strike on naps" but instead, he has been taking morning naps! Can you believe that? The boy who would never nap is now taking not one but two naps a day! Crazy. I am not holding my breath but I am definitely crossing my fingers that this schedule sticks! 
Passed out!
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