Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daily Happenings: 6/12/12

Today was a fun day around our house! Everett wanted to play outside this morning before Lily came over so he hopped on his sweet new quad and zoomed around. (I use the term "zoom" lightly.)

My friend Emma and her daughters Ella and Lilian over to play this afternoon with Everett and Lily so we decided to finger paint! I found a recipe online that is nontoxic, edible, and baby friendly so we tried it out! 
Look at all the colors!
The kids loved squishing their fingers in the "paint" and it was fun to let them play unrestricted in it! I just put down a white piece of poster board and let them go at it! 
We are going to give this masterpiece to Mother

Everett's Church Grandma Sonja came by to say hello to the kiddos today too!  

Lily and Clive are twins today!

Overall it was a great day! I've got chicken in the crockpot for dinner (it's paleo!) Mmmm! 

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