Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meet Our New Baby...

Allow me to introduce Clive, Everett's new baby buddy!  Oh... wait, did you think I meant something else?  :)
Clive Burke Thompson
We "adopted" Clive from the well known (and well visited) Target and Everett has been quite attached to him.  He has been doing the cutest things lately like giving people (open mouth) kisses, attempting to feed himself, and trying to put the paci into other peoples mouths. 

Everett giving Clive his paci

Psych! It's mine Clive!
Tyler and I believe that it is important to provide Everett with not just traditional "boy" toys but toys that will help him to be a well rounded individual.  I'll post more on traditional and non-traditional gender roles in a future post! :) 

Check out Clive's "fluffy" butt
I was online at one of my favorite cloth diaper stores, Sew Crafty Baby and saw that they had baby doll sized cloth diapers!  For only $4 a piece, it was something I couldn't pass up!  How cool is it that Everett's little man Clive will have a fluffy butt just like him?!  I am pretty sure that I will be ordering a few more of these in the near future! 

Robot Rumparooz "Cloth Diaper"

** Please note that I was not paid to advertise for Sew Crafty Baby, I just happen to love the store and the products that are sold there!  :) 


  1. Haha too cute <3 love the fluffy diapers :) And he will make a great big brother one day.

    1. Thanks! :) The little diapers are too cute!

  2. Aiden's favorite toys when he was 2 were all the Disney Princesses and the Disney Castle!! We then moved on to Doodlebops, Power Rangers and now it's WWE wrestling figures. I wonder if our next lil guy will want to play with Princesses. HaHa

    1. It's amazing how many different shows and characters they have out there for kids! E loves Yo Gabba Gabba!