Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Tyler decided that he wanted to buzz his hair off since it's starting to get warmer.  I guess he wanted something low maintenance. So instead of having- oh I don't know my sister (a hairdresser) or a barber cut his hair he decided he wanted me to do it.  He said that since we are "hippies" now I need to be able to cut his hair.  (We're not really hippies, more "crunchy" I'd say.)  I agreed to cut his hair only because I figured it would be interesting to blog about (especially if I messed it up!) 

My sister gave me a few tips before I started and I thought I'd share just in case you need to buzz someone's head! :) 

1. When using the trimmers to block off the back of a men's haircut, start in the middle and work to each side.  Do this to ensure you cut a straight line.

2. When using the trimmers to cut around the ears it is important to keep one finger stationary on the head and pivot the trimmers around the ear.  This will prevent you from cutting the hair to high over the ears.  Additionally, this will make it easier to ensure that both sides are identical.

3. When using clippers and guards to perform a men's haircut you have to go against the direction of the hair growth.  The teeth of the guard will help to lift the hair while the blades of the clippers alternate cutting the hair that has been lifted.  You will have to go over each section of the head a few times to ensure that you haven't missed any spots! 

Before: Super cheesy smile! :)
Caution: there are about 50 things that I could complain about in this picture below (the size of my schnoz for one) so please beware! 
During: I look so serious!
After: Yes he does have clothes on... or does he? (Yes, he really does! We're crunchy, not nudists!)

I'll be booking appointments starting nex... JUST KIDDING!! :)   If you are looking for a stylist in the Northern Virginia area please check out Reflections of You Salon and be sure to ask for Rebecca! 


  1. I cut Austin's hair every week and when we first started it was definitely daunting!! But oh so much cheaper.

    1. Yes, it was a little scary at first!