Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daily Happenings: 4/16/12

While strolling through Target yesterday (yes, it's almost a daily thing these days) my sister pointed out the "Family Size Pool" and mentioned that we should buy it even though I already purchase E his own baby sized pool!  Rebecca and I went back and forth for a few minutes and decided that I'd buy the big pool and she would buy E balls for his baby pool so he could have a ball pit. DEAL!

We got home, got out the compressor and blew the pool up, and then put the hose in to fill it.
Waiting "patiently" for the pool to fill up!
Excitement ensued until we put our toes in and it was COLD!! Ugh. Hose water in April= refreshing FREEZING! My friend Gina and her son Joshua came over to "swim" too so we let the boys put their feet in and they were so thrilled!  They didn't even care about the cold water! Aunt Becca graciously boiled four pots of water and added it to the pool which warmed it up to a nice, less chilly temperature. 

Splish splash!
Hanging out in the pool!
"This is fun mom!"
The boys had a blast splashing around and playing and it was nice to let them get out and play while the weather was warm!  (I may or may not have sat in the pool with E... to supervise of course!)
Love this little boy!

After we finished playing in the pool E was definitely ready for a nap which gave Aunt Rebecca and I time to set up his new ball pit! 
Clive tested it out first!

Everett wasn't so sure about it at first but after he warmed up he got so excited! I think that it will definitely be something that he plays with over and over! Doesn't he look so cute in the ball pit?! 


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