Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glub Glub says the Fish!

Tyler, Everett, and I spent this past Monday night and Tuesday in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  We stayed at the lovely Baltimore Homewood Suites; side note: we LOVE the Homewood Suites, what's not to love?  

Our hotel!
Everett made it look just like home in our hotel room!
I see you!
Who is that handsome fellow?
Everett had time to Facetime with Pigpaw before we headed out!
Tyler had to work all day so Everett and I decided to go out and explore the Baltimore Aquarium.  We were lucky enough to have our good friend from college, Patrick meet us at the aquarium for the day! 

Momma, Everett, and Uncle Patrick
Obligatory Everett and Nemo picture!
This is serious people!!
Everett and Momma waiting for the dolphin show to start!
Uncle Patrick kept Everett entertained while we waited!
The dolphin was trying to touch the curtain!
The dolphin waving!
Everett was quite excited to see the action!
YAY! This is awesome!
Just going for a walk!
The dolphin show was a great hit! Everett was clapping along with the music and dancing in his chair!  After the show we went to check out some more of the aquarium. 

He looks kind of mean.
The "Australian Exhibit
Momma and Everett :)
Watching for sharks!
Uncle Patrick
Everett enjoyed being able to get down and play in the kids zone!  They had a puppet show area and things to jump and climb on which was perfect for my little explorer man!

A sand table?! Awesome!
Ewww Uncle Patrick, what is this?
After we checked everything out at the aquarium we decided to take a break and get some food.  We dined at the always awesome Hard Rock Cafe and Everett passed out in my lap! We must have really worn him out with all the aquarium fun! 

So tired!
After lunch Uncle Patrick headed home and Everett and I played in the grass for a few minutes while we waited for Daddy/Tyler! 

I can take the picture Momma!

Dad! Dad! Dad! Guess what we did today?!

Overall a fun time was had by all! I highly recommend checking out the aquarium if you're in the Baltimore area! It is a little expensive but worth it! :)  What are you up to this coming week?  Anything fun?

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