Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Love Young House Love

Have y'all discovered the amazing blog that is Young House Love?  It's a blog that a couple who live in Richmond, Virginia write about the ups and downs of renovating and updating their second home.  They have some crazy cool ideas and I love their style.  Ty and I have been doing some DIY'ing around our place and take a lot of our inspiration from their blog. 

Check out some of the photos of their house: 

Outside view of their house
Photo from YHL
How cool are those built in shelves?
Photo from YHL
Don't you LOVE this living room? Adult and kid friendly!
Photo from YHL
Look at this before/after of their kitchen! It went from drab to fab! 

Photo from YHL
I love these floating shelves!
Photo from YHL
I really love YHL because they have a post/tutorial on just about any/everything that you might want to do in your house!  Want to build a "Rock Box" for your kid?  They did it! Want to know how to spray paint flawlessly?  They'll tell you!  Want to know how to upgrade your toilet? Seriously, they tackle every DIY project out there.  Head over and check them out! :) 

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