Sunday, April 22, 2012

My dad the gardener...

My dad has some awesome gardening skills.  Seriously, he bought this rose bush off the clearance rack at Home Depot a few years ago, stuck it in the ground on the side of the house and figured it would die!  It came back with a vengeance!  Year after year there are dozens and dozens of blossoms on the rose bush.  It's so nice to be able to walk outside and cut a few roses off the bush and have a nice fresh bouquet! 

My dad contemplating how to reach the roses at the very top!
E was hanging out while Pigpaw was cutting the roses!
He's using his camouflage techniques to hunt down the roses!

Cutting off all the leaves!
How beautiful are they?!
Stacking up the roses...
They smell soooooo good! 
A nice little bouquet for our place!


  1. they are so beautiful and he as a great green thrumb!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you all

  2. dude, my dad had a green thumb too! must be a dad thing because those genes did NOT get passed down to me :(