Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daily Happenings: 4/12/12

Everett and I had a fun day today!  First, we went with Gran (my mom) to run a few errands.  It was great to get to spend some QT with my mom this morning even if it was just running around town. 

Everett was looking mighty cute today in his Captain Adorable onesie- who am I kidding, he always looks cute!  I was able to snag this picture of him with this very interesting look on his face... I am not sure what he was thinking about. Haha. 
Mom! Stop taking my pictures!
Everett and I met a few friends (mommies and babies) at the play place in the mall this afternoon.  I love being able to take Everett out and let him interact with other kids and I think that he likes it too.  He is into exploring his surroundings these days and the play place at the mall provides a great place for him to do that with his little buddies. 
Everett and Joshua were apparently having a very important conversation!

Everett, Mrs. Tiphany, and Micah

There were a lot of emotions expressed by little Mister Everett this afternoon... 
"Ahh, I love to play!" 
"I might be up to no good..."
So serious!
He's another day older, so bittersweet.