Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth

For my birthday Tyler bought us tickets to see "The Greatest Show on Earth" and I have been looking forward for the past few weeks! We went this past Saturday and had a blast! Everett was mesmerized by all of the lights and sounds.
We had to drive about 45 minutes to get to the circus and Everett conveniently used this time to take a nap (hallelujah) which gave Tyler and I a good chunk of time to talk about the future. I also decided to get some pictures of us on the way there! :) 
Tyler jammin' out
It was a beautiful sunshiny day!
Once we got there we parked and walked over to the circus.  We passed a group of protesters (stick it to the man!) and took a pamphlet even though we were still planning on going in.  Once we got inside the venue, it truly looked like a circus with the gazillions of people there!  We quickly found our seats and settled in for the excitement! :)
Not the best picture, but it was the only one we got with the three of us!
When all of the clowns came out Everett started clapping and bouncing up and down! :)  It was awesome to see him get so excited that he started clapping!  I have been trying to get him to clap for months now but previously he had only done it on his one once or twice.  Ever since the trip to the circus E has been clapping non-stop! 
I love the elephants!
All of the acts were fantastic, as usual. They saved the elephants for the end and they were so cute- I want one as a pet! :)  They had mini horses, ponies, and horses all in one act which was pretty cool.  There were 13 tigers, 6 elephants, all sorts of clowns, trapeze artists, tightrope walkers/runners/bike riders, tumblers (see the video we took), and so much more! 

These tumblers are amazing (well except for the one lady in the dress- she didn't really have a lot of cool tricks!)  Tyler was laughing at me because I couldn't stop gawking at how crazy awesome they were! 
Everett and mommy
We all had a great trip to the circus and enjoyed the family time that we had together.  Confession: I even got teary eyed thinking about how truly awesome my life is.  God has truly blessed me with an amazing husband and son and I could never thank Him enough.  
A tired baby and happy daddy

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