Thursday, May 16, 2013

Around the Nest: DIY Chalkboard

In our last home we had an awesome chalkboard wall and we loved it! It was fun to write notes to each other and let Everett scribble on.  When we moved to our new place we didn't have a wall that we could use as a chalkboard wall.  After we had lived here for a few months I finally found a place that we could have our beloved chalkboard on, it's a small area that is actually behind a few chairs but it works. 
Here's the space we decided on for the chalkboard wall.
The space where I wanted it has a chair rail but the railing doesn't go all the way to the sides of the wall so we couldn't just paint the whole underneath portion of the wall.  After some deliberation Tyler decided that he could trim in the chalkboard, which would give it a defined space and would make it look much nicer than just a black wall. 
Gathering up his tools.
This ended up being a very affordable project as we only needed to purchase the trim that we needed since Tyler had all of the other items (saw, nails, etc.) 
Trim is up on the wall! 
Aunt Tonya graciously offered to come over and paint the area for us. After a few coats of the chalkboard paint we were in the chalkboard business! 
Aunt Tonya taping off the trim, getting ready for the paint!
Here is the finished project! Everett loves drawing and doodling on the chalkboard and when we are done we just put the chairs right back.  We love the chalkboard wall!  Thanks for helping us out Aunt Tonya! 
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