Friday, May 10, 2013

Nap Time Craft Time: Painting Pots

This isn't so much a "Nap Time" craft because you will probably want to involve your kiddos with this one- although if you don't want to involve your kiddos you can definitely complete this project during the span of a nap!  This is a very budget friendly project and is a great gift idea for Mother's Day (which is May 12th).   Everett and Lilly had fun painting their pots and being able to get messy out in the back yard! 

Here's what you'll need
Here's what you'll do
  • Use the painters tape to create a design or pattern
    • I just did a "stripe" of tape around the top
  • Set out the paint and let the kiddos go crazy! Try not to interfere too much and really encourage them to get creative.  This is also a great way to practice learning colors!  

  • Let the patio paint dry completely before you take off the tape.  Once it's dry peel back the tape and spray them down with the clear gloss spray paint. 

  • Once they are dry, plant something beautiful! :) 

Here's the one that Everett and I worked on together.  I used the painters tape and did a zig-zag pattern on the "body" of the pot and a stripe around the top.  I had E put his hand print on the front! It turned out really cute! Thanks to Tiphany for the idea inspiration!! :) 

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