Friday, May 3, 2013

Instacram: April 2013

Lots of pictures this month! 
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Top Row: 1- 2.) Everett getting a haircut,  3.) A bird in a tree at my parents house,  4.) Jedi and Tipsy all snuggled up together,  5.) Everett's medicine from when he was sick this past time
Bottom Row: 1- 2.) Bath time drawings of our family,  3.) Everett's allergy test compared to mine,  4.) Everett wasn't so sure about being naked at the doctors office,  5.) Jedi- Everett's nap time protector 

Top Row: 1.) Jedi loving on Grandmother,  2- 3.) Fishing with daddy,  4.) Napping with daddy,  5.) Just hanging out on mommy's back
Bottom Row:  1.) Playing outside,  2.) Attempting to start the tractor,  3.) He wanted to be close to me,  4-5.) Spending time with daddy.

Top Row: 1- 2.) Our backyard is blooming,  3.) Cats are attracted to Everett,  4.) Everett skyping with GaGa,  5.) Our cloth diaper stash
Middle Row:  1.) Playing at the playground,  2- 3.) Some photos of the garden,  4.) Everett making some coffee in his kitchen,  5.) Sliding down the slide
Bottom Row: 1.) Peek a boo,  2.) On a date with mommy,  3.) Hanging out with Aunt Becca,  4.) No more paci's,  5.)  He's not for sale! 

Top Row:  1.) Playing on the phone at mommy's doctors appointment,  2.) Cheesing it up at Target,  3.) Eating spaghetti,  4.) A self portrait by Everett,  5.) Just hanging out
Middle Row:  1.) Everett wanted to go for a run,  2- 3.) Belly time,  4.) He fell asleep just like this,  5.) "Throw back Thursday" photo of Everett
Bottom Row:  1.) Nesting has set in,  2- 4.) Playing in the garden,  5.) A sick boy


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Thanks to Jess for the original inspiration for this post! 

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