Friday, May 24, 2013

Letters to Everett: 5/22/13

Dear Everett,

You are amazing! You are crazy! You are spunky! You are TWO! How have two years gone by so fast?  You are in to so much these days and are loving life.  I am amazed by how smart you are and by how much you are learning each and every day.  You are a little sponge and are soaking up everything around you.  
You still are doing a few signs but for the most part you are using your words.  I am still teaching you new signs and you are happy to sign them.  You enjoy working puzzles and reading through books.  You love to point out all of the items in the book and are repeating a lot of new words every day.  
Your hair has started getting longer and more "mullet-like" so we decided to have Aunt Becca cut your hair.  You are also becoming more and more demanding so we have been working on your manners.  You are very polite and are happy to oblige when we ask you to say please and thank you! When we go to bed at night you have started saying your prayers.  Momma or daddy will say a line and then you will repeat it.  It is so sweet.  
The biggest thing that happened this month is that you became a big brother! Your little brother arrived on May 18th and you were very excited to meet him.  I already can tell that you are going to be a great big brother.  You love to hold him and to give him kisses.  You call him "bebe Nonnie." You are growing up so fast! 

New words that you are saying
Touch, roll, get- it, house, mouse, thank you, sorry, b-box (mail box), tissues, wash (watch), tractor, scooter, play place, pocket, haircut, Ya-Ya (Grandmother), Dallas (Grandma Dallas), puzzle

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 


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