Thursday, May 30, 2013

Strawberry Pickin' Fun

One of the things that I wanted to do with Everett before Nolan arrived was to go strawberry picking.  What could be more fun then playing in the dirt and eating strawberries?  So my best friend Tiphany and her son Micah joined Grandmother, Poppa, Everett, and I at Miller Farms on a very hot afternoon to pick strawberries! 

We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed the nice breeze while we ate and then headed over to the strawberry fields to get to "work."  The boys had fun playing in the dirt pile and picking and eating the strawberries!  If you live or are visiting the Fredericksburg area, I highly recommend checking out Miller Farms, they have a great little market with all sorts of fresh produce and other goodies!  

Here are some photos from our trip! 
Playing in the dirt.. you have to hold your mouth just right! 
Sonic slushy! 
Hmmm which one do I want to eat first? 
He was so proud of himself! 
I see Poppa, but where is Everett?
The beginning of our strawberry "stash!"
Tiphany and Micah! 
Picking the berries! 
Eating the berries! 
Who says you can't pick strawberries when you're 39 weeks preggo?

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