Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Currently: 8/15/12

Feeling:  Excited, anxious, and happy. There are a few things in the works behind the scenes here at the Thompson household and I am just so in awe at how great God is. Everything seems to just fall into place as long as we (Tyler and I) allow Him to guide us in our lives.  It is so hard to just "let go and let God" but truly truly our lives are so much less complicated and more focused when we allow God to drive and we sit back and enjoy the ride. 
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ReadingBloom- Finding Beauty in the Unexpected by Kelle Hampton.  I am about 75% done with the book and can not put it down!  Kelle writes her story with such great detail that it makes you feel like you are right there with her.  You can't help but feel some of the emotions that she was going through.  It is a really great read and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to read!  Have you checked out Kelle Hampton's blog Enjoying the Small Things yet?  You should- it's great!

Thinking About: Future tattoo plans.  I know that may sound silly, especially since I just finished up my half sleeve but this girl is a planner at heart!  I want to make sure that the tattoos I have on my body are meaningful (to me) and are beautiful.  I do have a few different ideas running around in my head but not any that are set in stone as of yet.  If you are on Pinterest (add me NotSoAvrgMomma) and then be sure to check out my "Sweet Ink Dude" board to see some things I've pinned. Check these out: I LOVE the placement of this tattoo... what a hilarious idea... sometimes I felt like this lady during my tattoo sessions.  (Never heard of Pinterest? Check out this post.)

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Drinking: Water! H2O! This stuff is actually pretty good! I have never been a very big water drinker but due to all of the traveling we have done in the past month I haven't really had time to hit the store which means no juice, tea, etc.  I prefer to drink water VERY cold with lots of ice and occasionally a lemon slice or two.  This is good for me because I know that I should drink water a lot more than I do, especially since all of the drinks these days are filled with high fructose corn syrup, sugar free sweeteners, etc. which are a no-no in the paleo diet lifestyle. 

Skipping: Breakfast.  Yeah I know it's the "most important meal of the day" and I know that I should be eating a nice and healthy breakfast but I have just been really busy lately and honestly I forget most of the time.  I know that I feed Everett so I should just should feed myself then but while he is quarantined in the highchair it is the perfect time for me to move laundry, sweep, mop, throw some make up on, etc.  I am hoping to get back on track with the whole "eating breakfast thing" soon. 

Listening To: Contemporary Christian radio. I am so encouraged every time I turn on the radio and hear these songs of praise.  The song that I can't get out of my head these days is "More Like Falling in Love" by Jason Gray.  I love the message that the song brings.  Check out the full lyrics here.  
"Love, Love
Deeper and deeper
It was love that made me a believer
In more than a name, a faith, a creed
Falling in love with Jesus brought the change in me"

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