Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

I am having my hair done tomorrow and the great hair debate continues.  Do I cut it or do I grow it?  Highlights?  Natural color? My mom started out "frosting" our hair (my sister and I) in middle school and since then I have always had something different going on with my hair! My hair has been almost every color from platinum blonde to black and it seems that I as soon as I get used to one style or color I am ready for the next.  Does anyone have this problem too?
My friend Deidre and I
Dark brown and "long" hair
November 2005
Me and some ridiculously cute dog
Blonde and "long" hair
October 2007
My best friend Jess and I
"Long" blonde hair- good example of my "swaves"
October 2008
I am trying to decide (again) if I should continue to grow out my hair or if I should go ahead and chop it back off and keep it short.  I like long hair and would LOVE for it to be long and beautiful like all of the celebrities but I have been informed by my stylist (my sister) that although my hair may eventually (a long time from now) grow out to be the length I desire, it will never be anywhere near the thickness that is required to pull off the long hair look.  After she told me that, it was kind of freeing in a way.  I was able to let go of this vision that I have always had for my hair and embrace the short style.  I actually think that the short bob type style fits my personality better.  Spunky.
Tyler and I on our honeymoon
Short blonde bob
June 2008
My friend Shelley and I
Short brown bob with bangs
November 2008
Medium length blonde hair
March 2009
So in deciding what I want to do with my hair this time I am keeping in mind that shorter is easier to maintain as well as the fact that the time I am now able to spend on my hair has been cut short. Seriously short. Everett doesn't really see the need for me to blow dry and straighten my hair every day or even every other day.  So this hairstyle has to be a "wash and go" style that will look good right out of the shower every day.  This proves to be frustrating because I have "swavy" hair- it's not straight but it's not wavy. Grrr! So this hairstyle needs to accentuate my natural "swaves" so that I don't look like a hot mess every day.

Jess and I
Shaggy brown hair
April 2009
February 2010
"Long" blonde hair 
My sister and I
Brown hair in a longer bob style
March 2012
So I am thinking that since fall is coming (it's not here yet but it will be soon) I will probably go with a darker color and probably a shorter more "shaggy" type style.  Here are a few photos of the style that I think I am going to go for. But who really knows... I might change my mind five times before tomorrow!
Photo found here
Photo found Here


  1. I have the same "problem" I think people at work think i color my hair daily to match my outfits. i think its great to change your hiar its one of those great things if you dont like it it will grow out or you can color it plus how do you know what you like if you dont experiment?