Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Currently: 8/29/12

Loving:  My new hair do! My sister did a great job on it and did exactly what I was wanting! I am super stoked with it and am glad that I can walk around and not look like a doofus! (Not sure what I am talking about? Check out my post from yesterday here!) I even decided to copy my friend Jenn's idea and I had Rebecca throw in a bright purple streak! It's hiding in the picture below but I will try to get a better shot of it!  
The new do!
Reading: I just bought the book What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert which was highly recommended by my good friend and mentor John Cook. I am excited to start this little book (it's only about 120 pages long) because it seems like it is going to be a good follow up to my Lessons from the Mount series I had going on this past summer. 
Photo found Here
Excited About: Everett getting to try new foods! We have been holding off on some foods because of the potential for him being allergic to them.  Today he got to try peanut butter and honey for the first time! He really (really) (really) loved it!  He is also branching out to fish and other types of nuts soon! He is getting so big! 

Digging:  Naked Berry Blast.  It is 15.2 ounces of pure deliciousness. It is really good and I can not get enough! I am going to attempt to make this at home because they run around $2.50 a pop! It should be fairly easy- they tell you right on the bottle what is in it! There may be a post to come about that! 
Photo found Here
Eating: Chili! I know it is summer and all but chili is a nice and easy thing to make and only gets better every time you eat it. I make it paleo style with out the beans and it is pretty good if I do say so myself! Look out for a post next week with the recipe! 

Getting Back Into: The swing of things around here (home.)  Everett and I have only been home 12 out of the last 28 days and it has really thrown a wrench into our schedule.  (I use the term "schedule" loosely because I try to let E tell/show me when he is tired/hungry/etc. because I have learned it is 190,380,480 times easier to put E to sleep if he is already tired!)  We have been traveling a lot this month going on family trips and vacations which have all been great and fun but it is nice to be home.  I am planning on setting up a routine for E (and Lilly when she is here) so that there is some sort of structure around here. 

Organizing:  This blog! I am going to try to set a routine for the blog here as well. I would like to have certain days that I post certain types of posts on. For example, Daily Happenings on Mondays, recipes on Wednesdays, etc. etc. I would most certainly welcome any suggestions from the 100+ of you who are tuning in to Not So Average Momma

Thanks again to Danielle for the original inspiration for these posts!