Sunday, August 5, 2012

Potty Talk: 1 Month Update

This is an update on what's been going on in the bathroom around our house! If you don't know what I am talking about, read this post

Everett is doing so great with elimination communication! He is consistently going on the potty and has zero fears or anxiety about it (that I can tell.)  At first he didn't seem interested in sitting on the potty- would you? Sitting your naked butt on a cold seat and having your mom cheering you on? Sounds pretty odd... but we made it a fun time.  We learned lots of new songs to sing (tinkle, tinkle, on the pot that is where you go a lot...), lots of new games to play, etc. 

We would sit in the bathroom for as long as he would sit and be happy (5, 10, 15, sometimes 20 minutes) and/or until he went potty.  After about two weeks (give or take a few days) I think he realized "when I go potty, then I can get up!" So as soon as I would sit him down he would pee! The first few times he got up right away and I thought he wasn't interested but when I picked him up, lo and behold, there was pee in his potty! YAY EVERETT! So our trips to the potty are still frequent, but much quicker! 

I think in the past month I have changed a total of six (6!) poopy diapers, the rest have all been in the potty! He still pees in his diaper frequently but usually wakes up in the morning and from naps with a dry diaper!

Have any of you started elimination communication with your little one(s)? Or maybe you practiced elimination communication with your kiddos?  If so, tell me about it! 

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