Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lincoln Children's Museum

A few weeks ago Everett and I accompanied Tyler on one of his work trips to Nebraska (at least it was a vacation!)  We were only there for a few days but we were able to make it to the Lincoln Children's Museum which was AMAZING! Seriously, there was so much for Everett to do there! I was worried that it would be targeted more towards older children but he had a blast exploring and climbing on everything!  Check out some pictures from our adventures! 

Watch out! Daddy's driving the police cruiser!
Hi Daddy!
Everett to the rescue!
It's a horse of course!
Gonna take you for a ride on my big green tractor!
This boy loves motorcycles! 
Check out all the buttons Daddy!
So studious!
I think the "Big Kid" was enjoying the museum just as much as Everett!
The ever popular water table! 
E composing his first symphony!
Love the Daddy!
Coming in for a landing!
Pilot Everett ready for take off!
Momma and Daddy are weird
Peace out astronaut man!
Just like Daddy!

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