Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Letters to Nolan: 11/18/13

Dear Nolan,

What a big boy you are! You are growing so fast and it amazes me every singe day! You think that you are a big boy and you want to do everything that your big brother does! You are trying to figure out how to crawl and have some pretty interesting ways to get around.  Rolling doesn't quite work for you just yet because you only roll from your tummy to your back so instead you push off with your arms and "crawl" everywhere backwards.  You have also started trying to scoot around while sitting up.  
We visited Sneads Asparagus Farm to check out the pumpkin patch and took our annual trip with Uncle Aaron, Aunt Krystal, and Colt to the Apple Harvest Festival at Graves Mountain! The fall is always packed with fun activities and family outings.  You also attended your fourth (yes fourth) wedding this month and were the most behaved baby! 
This month marks the first time I have ever left your side.  Since I started working you and big brother get to stay with RaeRae the one day a week I have to go into the office.  You still haven't taken to liking the bottle even though it is still momma's milk, it is just not the same to you! Our routine at home has changed a little too since I am working at home. Suyappa, our wonderful nanny comes to play with you and brother while momma is working and you both love her. 
Last but not least you are really (really) really excited to start trying to eat "real"food.  Whenever we are eating dinner you watch us so intently and even get mad if we don't let you have some of our food! We have played around with some purees and food that is large enough for you to gnaw on and you seem to be okay with most of them.  Anything that is more of a mushy texture you don't care for.

Here's what you've been up to this month:

10/19/13: First time to wear shoes, first trip to Graves Mountain, first visit to Uncle Aaron and Aunt Krystal's house
10/25/13: Started pushing yourself backwards with your hands
10/28/13: First time to try a bottle (of mommas milk), started making more mouth noises, started rocking on your hands and knees, Suyappa started to babysit you 

10/30/13: Tried a bite of apple sauce and you were not very impressed
10/31/13: First time to stay with RaeRae while mommy went to work and you did not take a bottle so mommy had to come home early, first Halloween- you went as Cookie Monster
11/01/13: First time gnawing on teething biscuits
11/02/13: Attended your fourth wedding
11/03/13: Stole mommas apple to gnaw on
11/04/13: Reached out for momma for the first time
11/06/13: Started saying "dadadada"
11/08/13: Ate first Chickfila french fry, able to sit by yourself
11/09/13: Gnawed on a sweet potato fry
11/10/13: Gnawed on a ritz cracker
11/15/13: First time to eat peaches and refried beans
11/18/13: First time to eat yogurt and oatmeal; Six month well check- 20lbs 2.5oz (90th percentile), 27" long (75th percentile)
Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 




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