Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Birth Day: Aria's Birth

Welcome to Thursday Birth Day!  My hope is that this series will help to encourage women who may be expecting their first baby or their second/third/fourth/etc.  These posts will provide some real life experiences that we can all appreciate and maybe even learn from.  I also hope for this to be a place where women who have gone through birth can have a place to share their beautiful stories.

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Baby Aria's Birth Story

The pregnancy and birth of my daughter did not go as I had always envisioned it.  When I went to my obstetrician for my first visit and he confirmed that I was pregnant I told him that I knew it was going to be a girl, that there would be complications, and that I would end up having a c-section.  The doctor tried to reassure me that things looked great and there wasn’t any implication that there would be complications or a need for a c-section. 

Around 20 weeks I was sent by my obstetrician to the perinatologist for some testing.  Up until this point my pregnancy was seemingly normal with no complications so I was not quite sure why there was a need for any further testing.  While we were doing the ultrasound at the perinatologists office we found out that my original gut feeling was right on two accounts, our baby was a girl and there would be complications going forward because they found holes in her heart and discovered that I had placenta previa.  

After that I started having appointments on an almost weekly basis with various types of doctors (a pediatric cardiologist, geneticist, perinatologist, and my obstetrician) to monitor the baby and me.  As it started to get closer the doctors asked if I would be comfortable delivering her up at Children’s Hospital due to the complications.  I decided against delivering up at Children’s Hospital and instead opted to deliver closer to home to be closer to my family and friends. 

We scheduled my c-section two weeks prior to her due date because she began to stop growing and her health was declining in the womb.  The doctors warned me that my baby might need to have heart surgery shortly after her birth but I just knew that everything would be fine once she was born. 

I made a post on facebook about heading up to the hospital to have my c-section, which all of my friends took as an invitation to come along with me.  I had an entourage of 18 family and friends there with me. My c-section ended up being pushed back due to an emergency c-section that needed to happen ahead of me.  After I got the news that I would have to wait even longer to have my baby my mother told me that she needed to go into work because she hadn’t taken the day off.  I was devastated.  My mother was supposed to be there with me for the birth of my daughter and now she was rushing out the door.  

I finally was taken back to the operating room to have my baby.  Aria was born on March 2, 2011 and weighed 5 pounds and 13 ounces; her APGAR scores were perfect, she latched on right away, and most importantly the holes in her heart closed.  

Although this birth wasn’t the birth I had envisioned (home birth, no interventions, etc.) what is important is that Aria is a bright and healthy girl and she made it into this world safely. 

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