Friday, November 15, 2013

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day Fifteen

I'm taking some time every day this month to jot down something that I am thankful for.  Feel free to post a comment below each day with what you are thankful for or post a link to your own Thirty Days of Thankful

Day Fifteen
I am thankful for an unexpected phone call from an old friend that led to me accepting a new job!  God truly showers out his blessings on my family and this is not an exception.  I was not searching for a job and I was very hesitant to take the position because I did not want to be away from my children.  I knew that me going into the office on a daily basis was not an option for our family and was very (very) fortunate to be offered a flexible schedule where I am home four days a week and only in the office one day a week.  I am working in the same field that I was in before Everett was born and even with many of the same people I worked with before.  It is kind of funny to see everyone again- as if I never even left! I am taking on a new role within this field but I think that it is a really good fit for me.  God is truly blessing our family and helping us to grow and stretch ourselves in ways that we didn't know or believe we could be. 

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