Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day Three

I'm taking some time every day this month to jot down something that I am thankful for.  Feel free to post a comment below each day with what you are thankful for or post a link to your own Thirty Days of Thankful
Day Three
I am thankful for the sweetest little boy in the whole wide world, my Everett.  He really is the pride and joy of my life.  When he came into this world and I held him for the first time it was then that I knew what pure love really was all about.  I had felt love before for my family, friends, and husband but this love was and is completely different than any I had felt before.  Everett gave me the gift of being a mother which was something I had always hoped for.  Sure, we have our challenges but the wonderful moments far outweigh the frustrating ones.  Everett is vivacious and his laughter is infectious.  He is so smart and so easy to get along with.  He is stubborn like his momma and daddy but sweet down to the core.  He loves his brother with all his little toddler heart and wants to hold him and give him kisses any chance he gets.  He is growing so quickly and I know that pretty soon he will be all grown up and I will be looking back and wondering where the time went but for today I am content to just let him be a toddler.

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