Friday, November 8, 2013

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day Eight

I'm taking some time every day this month to jot down something that I am thankful for.  Feel free to post a comment below each day with what you are thankful for or post a link to your own Thirty Days of Thankful

Day Eight: 
I am thankful for evening routines.  We have had such an uphill battle with getting Everett to go to sleep every night.  Finally, after reading The No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers and implementing some of the ideas from the book we are seeing fruits from our labor.  I highly recommend this book if you are having nighttime struggles with your toddler/preschooler- the author, Elizabeth Pantley gives dozens of ideas to try so that you can customize your own bedtime routine specifically for your child/ren.  Also, if you live in the Stafford/Fredericksburg area you can check it out at your local library

Bedtime is no longer a fight or a struggle but a time for Everett to cuddle down with Tyler and/or I and enjoy a few quiet moments.  We have a song that we made up so that Everett knows what is coming up next: 
"Go potty, brush my teeth, put on jammies... Say my prayers, read books, sing some songs, and go to sleeeeeeeeeep." 
We are still working on the words, but you get the idea! I am so thankful that we can go to bed happy and content rather than frustrated and upset. :)

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